Hi! My name is Evelina but you can call me Ellie and I am the creator & author behind this website!  First let me just tell you I am not a writer, so I apologize in advance for any errors, this blog will just be raw thinking and me writing out my honest thoughts. Anyways, a little about myself, I am currently living in Sacramento, CA, I work full time at a hospital, and bake macarons whenever I have some free time. I am married to my best friend and let me tell you, if it wasn't for my husband always pushing me & encouraging me to follow my dreams this website wouldn't be up right now! So a HUGE thank you to my husband! I fell in love with baking at a young age, from baking cakes, cookies, pies, and other pastries, I knew that this is something I would always want to pursue. I opened Ellie's Macarons a little more then a year ago and let me tell you it is probably one of the best things I could have ever done. I am SO thankful for all the amazing clients I have, without all of you this would have never been possible. The first time I ever made macarons I failed, and told myself I will never bake these lil' suckers again! Well never say never right? I ended up taking a Macaron class from an amazing Pastry Chef, after the class I came home and practiced, practiced, and practiced. Eventually, I got the hang of it and now I LOVE making them.  I cannot tell you how many times the macarons didn't come out right, yes it gets SO frustrating but the key is patience. :) I will be sharing my tips on this blog as well as my successes & failures with macarons. Also, if you have questions about anything, please feel free to comment. Thanks for reading my first post, and I am excited to see where this journey will take us.